Community Voices & Lived Experiences

These are the stories of and photos from individuals with little or no access to private transportation. Some attended our transportation workshops starting in October 2018. Others stayed at a local homeless shelter that offered different levels of shelter from short term to longer term. At the transportation workshops our team presented information on the transportation system in the greater Morgantown area. In attendance we had representatives from the local metropolitan planning organization and Mountain Line, the public bus line. We listened to the questions and concerns of the participants and provided answers to help them understand how to problem solve their transportation issues.

Edith Daughter of Dialysis Patient
Eve and Esteon Grocery Shopping
Jay Walking Dangerously
Karen Dialysis Patient
John Homeless and Working
Eve and Esteon Shooberoos
Eve and Esteon Personal Rapid Transit
Amanda Single Mom
Jasimine Walking with Her Small Child
Michelle Single Mom