The places where people reside hold the key to the state of health and disease that we see in our health clinics, hospitals, and healthcare reports.


Ultimately, this website and its contents seek to reframe the way West Virginians think about and address population health less automatically as individual responsibility shaped by access to healthcare and more as the outcome of intentional policy decisions that leaders make about the places where people live, work, and play.

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This short, summary video captures three regions and three issues in West Virginia exploring how place shapes population health starting with transportation in Monongalia County. This is followed by work carried out in Preston County to examine the elderly and issues with food access. The video ends with a look at gentrification through the eyes of medical students as it is experienced by community members living on the west side of the capital city of West Virginia.


Lauri Andress

Primary Investigator

Sandra Fallon

Assistant Researcher, Content Developer

Matt Purtill

Assistant Professor, Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences

Garrett Yurisko

Videographer & Photographer

Madison Matheny

Student Researcher