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West Virginia’s Sugary Drink Tax: Examining Print Media Frames in Local News Sources

Issue 18: Topic: Strategic Frame Analysis & Policy Making: Where Does SFA Fit into our Strategic Plan?

Rural corner store owners’ perceptions of stocking healthier foods in response to proposed SNAP Retailer Rule changes

Arguments Used in Public Comments to Support or Oppose the US Department of Agriculture’s Minimum Stocking Requirements: A Content Analysis

Fitting a square peg into a round hole: Perceptions of Appalachian physicians on the incorporation of chronic disease prevention into their practice

Using a social ecological model to explore upstream and downstream solutions to rural food access for the elderly

Co-constructing food access issues: Older adults in a rural food environment in West Virginia develop a photonarrative

Juggling the five dimensions of food access: Perceptions of rural low income residents

Forgetting health disparities: A one size fits all narrative

Rural Health Inequities and the Role of Cooperative Extension


A Health Equity Readiness Assessment For the Division of Public Health Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services

Health Equity Policy Scan Report. Prepared by Lauri Andress as Andress & Associates (2012)

Shifting the gaze of the physician from the body to the body in a place: A qualitative analysis of a community-based photovoice approach to teaching place-health concepts to medical students

Addressing power dynamics in community-engaged research partnerships

"The Curated Food System: A Limiting Aspirational Vision of What Constitutes “Good” Food" has been published in IJERPH as part of the Special Issue Examining the Social and Environmental Factors Influencing Food Insecurity in Rural Areas and is available online:

Report: Feeding America and No Kid Hungry In-depth interviews in six rural counties examining families’ experiences with food insecurity.

Place Effects and Chronic Disease Rates in a Rural State: Evidence from a Triangulation of Methods

Examining Rural Food-Insecure Families’ Perceptions of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: A Qualitative Study

Andress L, Valentine K. Appalachia: Putting the" Critical" in Race and Crowdsourcing a Pathway Model on Institutional Racism. Journal of Appalachian Health. 2021;3(3):3.

Healthy Community Design, Anti‑displacement, and Equity Strategies in the USA: A Scoping Review (

Byker Shanks C, Andress L, Hardison-Moody A, Jilcott Pitts S, Patton-Lopez M, Prewitt TE, Dupuis V, Wong K, Kirk-Epstein M, Engelhard E, Hake M, Osborne I, Hoff C, Haynes-Maslow L. Food Insecurity in the Rural United States: An Examination of Struggles and Coping Mechanisms to Feed a Family among Households with a Low-Income. Nutrients. 2022; 14(24):5250.

Multi Media Productions: Place & Health 

Video. Structural Barriers to Population Health In WV Aug 2018

Essays in an Exhibition: Imagining the West Side: Constructing Health through the Built Environment. A Photovoice Exhibition. West Virginia University, Health Sciences Center

Video. Imagining the West Side - This project put cameras in the hands of community residents plus WVU medical students in Charleston. The participants took photos of the West Side and wrote about the significance of those photos

Video. Co –constructing Food Access Issues: Older Adults in A Rural Food Environment in West Virginia Develop a Photonarrative A video research component from Lauri Andress


StarkFresh Hopes to Create an Oasis in a Food Desert By M.L. SCHULTZE , June 12, 2020, NPR WKSU 89.7

Lauri Andress 2017 WVU: "Campus Read Video"

Lauri Andress on Engagement, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, Wisconsin, February 2019

Lauri Andress on Structural Competency, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, Wisconsin, February 2019

Us & Them: A Policeman is a Person in Your Neigh-bor-hood! By TREY KAY • OCT 12, 2017

Mapping the Food Conversation

Walmart Foundation provides grant the WVU Extension Service FNP to expand access to healthy foods in WV

WVU Public Health researcher studying racial disparities in infant mortality in West Virginia

Coronavirus causing more issues for people in food deserts

[] West Virginia infant mortality rates exceed national rate

Black History Month: Effort underway to increase diversity at our area's only medical school